Thanks For The Memes EP (1998)

1. Century Son
2. Come With Me
3. Stop Breathing
4. Movie Mondays
5. Future Seal
6. 300 Nights (2003 re-issue only)


Waltz EP (1999)

ARIA Awards nominations:

 - Breakthrough Artist Single: ‘Asleep In Perfection’

 - Producer Of The Year: Augie March, Richard Pleasance

1. Asleep In Perfection
2. None Shall Pass
3. Rich Girl
4. Departure
5. The Moth Ball


The Hole In Your Roof (2000)

1. The Hole In Your Roof (single edit)
2. 300 Nights
3. Tasman Awakens (demo)
4. Lazy Pines

Heartbeat And Sails (2000)

1. Heartbeat And Sails
2. Tulip
3. Believe Me

There Is No Such Place (2001)

1. There Is No Such Place


Here Comes The Night (2001)

1. Here Comes The Night (new version)
2. Heartbeat And Sails (alternate mix)
3. Keep Searchin' (We'll Follow The Sun) - Live
4. Reptile - Live
5. Nagambie River Wine Song


The Vineyard (2002)

1. The Vineyard
2. Difficult Stuff (demo)
3. Addle Brains (demo)
4. Sunday Morning Records (demo)
5. Driving On Paradise (demo)

This Train Will Be Taking No Passengers (2002)

1. This Train Will Be Taking No Passengers

Little Wonder (2003)

1. Little Wonder
2. Stranger Visitors
3. Tulip - Live
4. Future Seal - Live

Drones And Vapid Ditties DVD (2004)

'Drones And Vapid Ditties' encapsulates a 3-hour, warts and all history-to-date of the band.

Featuring 8 of their music videos including the haunting 'Little Wonder' clip (winner at the St Kilda Film Festival), many live performances including a live concert filmed at Victoria's Meredith Music Festival plus a documentary covering the recording of the 'Sunset Studies' album, TV performances, bootlegged video footage, audio commentary, personal photo gallery and of course some rare uncovered gems from the Augie vault.

DVD Information: 
Classification: M - Medium Level Coarse Language; Region 0, PAL (As the DVD is PAL format, it may not play in the USA, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and parts of South America)

One Crowded Hour (2006)

1. One Crowded Hour (single mix)
2. There Is No Such Place (acoustic version)
3. Passed Out In Clarkefield
4. Asleep In Perfection (acoustic version)
5. Clockwork (acoustic version)

Pennywhistle (2008)

1. Pennywhistle (single mix)
2. Watch Me Disappear
3. Toorak Fires (demo)


Farmer's Son (2009)

1. Farmer's Son
2. Sultans Of Sin (demo)
3. Lupus (alternate mix)


After The Crack Up (2014)


A Dog Starved (2014)


AWOL (2015)





When I Am Old (2018)

When I AM Old Online Cover Art 2 copy 2.jpg


Corroboration (2001)

 - Minister for Planets (with Archie Roach and Ruby Hunter)

RockArt: The History of RooArt Records (2001)

 - Darling Little Ones

Power And The Passion... A Tribute To Midnight Oil (2001)

 - Beds Are Burning

Standing On The Outside: The Songs Of Cold Chisel (2007)

 - Janelle

Cannot Buy My Soul, The Songs of Kev Carmody (2007)

 - Droving Woman (with Paul Kelly and Missy Higgins)