So over the past two-and-a-half years, the band have been quietly piecing together an album. They started with a pool of over forty songs, then gradually sifted through and refined them until they had what they wanted – under their own steam, with no clock running; just making the album until it was made. Much of it was made in Glenn’s home studio in Tasmania, and was mixed by Paul McKercher, who worked on Sunset Studies, Strange Bird and Moo, You Bloody Choir.

The first song from the album is ‘After The Crack Up' and it's available now via iTunes and other services (friends that are in USA and Canada - please note it will be available for you shortly):

Here’s the official video for 'After The Crack Up', the first song from the forthcoming album. The video places the band in a piece of cinema history - the world’s first ever feature-length narrative film, made in 1906. 

The Story Of The Kelly Gang was at its time a wildly successful film in Australia and abroad. Despite its fame, the historic film was thought to have been lost by 1940 as all known prints had disappeared. In 1976 a lucky find started a chain of events that eventually led to the film being painstakingly restored by the National Film and Sound Archive.

The video is faithful to the film’s silent-movie style. It was directed and edited by the brilliant Colin and Cameron Cairnes, the team behind the Australian horror-comedy 100 Bloody Acres, for which Glenn provided the music score. The Cairnes brothers had also previously worked with the band on videos for The Mothball (1998) and The Hole In Your Roof (2000). 

Edmondo took some photos on the day.

And here's a video with the lyrics for 'After The Crack Up':

The album will see the light of day/the light on the inside of computers later this year.


 - The Good Gardener