The third song to be released from Havens Dumb, “A Dog Starved” was a track that arrived late in the recording process:

“Blake, Manley Hopkins and Dylan Thomas all vie for the pedant’s ear in this power pop excursion, not to mention Big Star, XTC and maybe more recently, via XTC, Field Music. For all that heavyweight arty dick swinging it was from a dearth of brawn and a surplus of brain in evidence at what I’d mistakenly thought was the end of the project that “A Dog...” came, tail wagging. It became hurtfully clear that it was for me to go back into the pit and swing a little harder at the face, maybe even shirt off this time, do the shale dance into the hard rock. I wielded my brother’s old red hollow Silvertone and got some nice tones. Four days of basic tracking later we had four new songs, including this one."  - Glenn Richards

"A Dog Starved" is available via iTunes.