At some of the very finest live performance spaces on the planet, from the Meredith Supernatural Amphitheatre to Hobart’s MONA to the Concert Hall of the Sydney Opera House, from the peerless Melbourne Recital Centre to Adelaide’s majestic Her Majesty’s Theatre… from the wonderful Astor Theatre in Perth… to Brisbane’s great new live space The Triffid, to The Capital in Bendigo and our old friend Tanks Arts Centre in Cairns: Glenn, Kiernan, Edmondo, Adam and Dave, plus The Arnold Horns at most shows – will play special one-night-only concerts featuring songs from right throughout their 17-year definitive history.

Fri 1 May 2015 | TANKS ARTS CENTRE | Cairns
+ King Pig
TICKETS ph: 1300855835

Sat 2 May 2015 | URBAN COUNTRY MUSIC FESTIVAL | Caboolture


Looking forward to seeing everyone.

- The Good Gardener


There’s been some nice things said about the Howler shows, and about Havens Dumb. Below are some of them. Thanks to all who came to Howler or have listened to the new album.


“...their long-awaited return to the stage, better than ever. These songs, new and old, have a power, undiminished neither by absence nor nascence. Any quantifiable success, past or future, is arbitrary. Augie March are important, plain and simple. It’s very good to have them back.”
 - Lachlan Kanoniuk, review of Howler show, faster louder
“Augie March have regularly been heralded as one of Australia’s “greatest” or “finest” outfits, although one that has forever eluded categorisation. Richards’ breathtaking prose collides with labyrinthine arrangements, songs that expertly sweep the listener up in a rollicking cacophony then drop them back down into fragile moments of sweet pop bliss.”
 - Michaela McGuire, The Saturday Paper
“Any routine examination of Australia’s greatest ever bands will find Augie March right up there.”
 - Neil Rogers, RRR.
“the band who was almost entirely without peer during its height, and singularly without imitation in its absence. a welcome return to form and a superb return to our gig guides by one of Australia’s pre-eminent musical forces."
 - Ben Connolly, Life Music Media
“Havens Dumb may well be remembered as the best and most cohesive record of Augie March’s later period. But even beyond that, the record will cement Glenn Richards’ status as one of the greatest and most unique lyricists Australia is ever likely to see."
 - Kill Your Darlings, Literary blog
“Havens Dumb feels refreshed and energised: the strength of the melodies, the poetic sweep of the lyrics, the depth of the first impulse after playing it top to tail has been to put it on again. Augie March gives hope that intelligent life in the world of popular music can, if not flourish, at least keep springing up between the cracks.”
 - Noel Mengel, The Daily Telegraph
“Expectation is a burden that follows any elite outfit that have a proven catalogue of gems. It’s this price of genius that brings out the nerves in some and the anticipation in others when word of a new release hits. Augie March fills that rarefied air with their fifth album Havens Dumb; a vintage effort that is the band’s first collection of songs in six years, making expectations even harder to overlook. It’s not unfair to ask whether Augie March still have something to say after such a significant hiatus...but it’s with a healthy dose of relief that I say, yes they do.”
 - theaureview
“Aah. Lucky Country or what?”
 - Michael Dwyer, Rolling Stone