Offering three years worth of songs from the pen of Glenn Richards, 'Moo, You Bloody Choir' is a potent example of Augie March at their finest.

'Moo, You Bloody Choir' was recorded in Melbourne, San Francisco and the band's own Second World studio in Nagambie in country Victoria. It was variously produced by Australian studio legend Paul McKercher, by Captain Beefheart/PJ Harvey alumnus Eric Drew Feldman, and by Augie March, and was mixed by Mark Howard (Time Out Of Mind - Bob Dylan).

The first single from 'Moo, You Bloody Choir', 'One Crowded Hour', is a song that spins from a gentle finger-picked waltz into an epic melodrama piled high with layers of fleeting joy and dashed hope, all gathering spin under some drunken mirror ball.

* Australian Music Prize Winner 2006
* 7 x ARIA Awards nominations 
* 2 x APRA Awards - Song Of The Year: ‘One Crowded Hour’ & * Breakthrough Songwriter: Glenn Richards 
* #1 on Triple J’s Hottest 100: ‘One Crowded Hour’ 
* The Age EG Awards – Best Band 2007 
* J Award nomination – Triple J’s Album of the Year 
* Triple J Album of the Week

“Surely the outstanding Australian band of this decade…” 4½ stars 

“Hopefully, the machinations of the music industry will be kinder to them and they'll take their rightful place in the players of fans of literate pop around the world.” 7.5/10 Joe Tangari 

“I’ll take Augie March today or any day. I’ll take songs that can stop you in your tracks with an exquisitely crafted melody; ideas that leave your mind spinning with possibilities; vividly realized heartbreaks that don’t settle for misty eyed; and cunning little nuggets of commentary wrapped in cloaks of poetry.” 

“…a classic-sounding blend of dreamy, folk-influenced rock that is rich with imaginative lyricism…” 

“…It’s a flat-out masterpiece…surely the album by which to judge everything else released this year.” 

1. One Crowded Hour 
2. Victoria's Secrets 
3. The Cold Acre 
4. Stranger Strange 
5. Mother Greer 
6. The Honey Month 
7. Just Passing Through 
8. Thin Captain Crackers 
9. Bottle Baby 
10. Mt. Wellington Reverie 
11. The Baron Of Sentiment 
12. Bolte And Dunstan Talk Youth 
13. Clockwork 
14. Vernoona

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Moo, You Bloody Choir Limited Edition (2007)

Re-issued with a limited edition bonus disc.

- Live with the West Australian Symphony Orchestra (Kings Park, Perth, February 2007)
1. O Song 
2. One Crowded Hour
3. Men Who Follow Spring The Planet 'Round 
4. The Honey Month
5. Lady Time 
6. This Train Will Be Taking No Passengers
    - - - - - 
7. The Brothel Creeper (previously unreleased)
8. There Is No Such Place (2006 version)
9. The Keepa - Live at Northcote Social Club, Melbourne, March 2006
10. Just Passing Through - Live at Kings Park, Perth, February 2007
11. Stranger Strange - Live at The Zoo, Brisbane, March 2007
12. The Baron Of Sentiment - Live at The Zoo, Brisbane, March 2007