We at Augie grew up playing wherever we could, for whoever would have us, for as long as they would have us. We were a Collingwood based band but we had no truck with the river crossing nonsense and played every dive we could. We even got to play a few nice places. We always kept that philosophy, often to our detriment, and the span of a year would see us playing the Sydney Opera House, The Forum, then someone’s back yard followed by a month long residency in a distant suburban death trap bar. More than anything it’s been about giving our audience a look at the different kind of band we can be, as at home in a ballroom as a front bar and able to make you feel like you were in one when you were in the other. Again, probably to our detriment. But we hope not yours.

With this in mind we announce two nights at the soon to be opened Geddes Lane Ballroom in the much reviled but rapidly evolving King Street area of Melbourne City. This venue, developed by the people who gave us the Corner Hotel, the Northcote Social Club, Max Watts and 170 Russell promises to be another classic small to medium room for a city that prides itself on providing superb venues for bands and punters but, with some exceptions, hasn’t nurtured a lot of successes in its very heart. With a sound system designed and installed by our very own sound engineer of many, many years, and beloved friend, Paul Martin, a bloke responsible for some of the best sounding and feeling rooms in Australia, you’ll be in good hands from the get go.

The shows will draw from all our releases and while you’ll get your fill you’ll also be able to get home before 11 if you so choose. Special guests on the night are the wonderful Orbweavers on Friday and Gregor on Saturday. Get out of the burbs and continue to explore with us. We’re more excited about our audience than ever, crossing as it does over almost every age group, and never backward in coming forward. Thanks for letting us know that it’s okay not to stop making music with brains, guts and heart. The alternative is so much easier. And so is slouching to your local for a karaoke session, or watching some dick heads tiling a kitchen, when you could be joining us at Geddes Lane Ballroom.

Augie March play Geddes Lane Ballroom

Entry via Geddes Lane (rear 46 King Street, Melbourne)
Friday November 23 and Saturday November 24

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